Information for families


We communicate with families upon arrival and departure at Kids on Carrington. We email our daily journals to families every day. The daily journal is a group observation of the children’s learning. We will post notices on the centre’s front door about upcoming events as well as emailing you the poster. We have an open door policy so you are able to come and visit, call or email the centre about your child at any time.

What to bring

You will need to bring a few things with you during your day at Kids on Carrington. You will need a bag with the following items:

●      A broad brimmed hat
●      Cot sized sheets for rest time
●      A comforter (teddy, blanket, dummy)
●      Bottles and formula/breast milk (if required)
●      Nappies (if required)
●      A change of clothes (more than one set if your child is toilet training)
●      A water bottle
●      Sunscreen (if you have sensitive skin, we provide generic sunscreen)

Child Care Subsidy

We are a licensed child care provider, therefore our families are entitled to receive child care subsidy from Centrelink, click here to see if you are eligible.