Have you been through an assessment and ratings process? If yes ask what their rating was.

Can I have a tour of the whole centre?  This will give you an idea of how the centre is run as a whole

Who is the group/team leader is in the room, and who are the assistants?

Who is the early childhood teacher at this centre?

Do you have a pool of regular relief educators that you use?

Are the same educators are always in the same rooms?

What is your educator to child ratio for this room and is it maintained from open to close?

What times of the day do you play outside and do you follow the UV index guidelines?

Can I see a program and a child’s individual portfolio?

Do you follow the infants own individual routine during the day?

What does the centre supply and what do I have to supply for each day?

Do you require families to be in front with fees or pay a bond/start-up fee/admin fee?

Menu questions

Can I see the centre’s menus?

What foods do you provide for infants who are eating pureed food?

 Are the meals made from scratch or do you use packet mixes?

Do you provide alternatives for children who do not like the meal?

Do you provide alternatives for allergies and dietary requirements?